Author Visits

I love speaking to children about my work as a dog rescuer and writer.  I am available to deliver the programs listed below either live or online, or I can create a custom program that better fits your needs.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions!

How to Speak Dog

1 hour, grades K-3

Dogs may not speak like we do, but they do have a language all their own.  The first half of this program will help children understand what dogs need to be happy and healthy members of our families, and the second half focuses on how dogs communicate.  Students will be able to interpret canine body language and interact with dogs safely and appropriately in many different environments.

Common Core Standards: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education – Safety; English Language Arts – Speaking & Listening


Blue, Lost and Found

1 hour, grades 2-5

Blue is a stray puppy who is brought to a shelter and adopted by a kind woman who works hard to earn his trust. One day Blue follows his nose right into trouble and can’t find his way back home. The woman’s love for Blue never waivers and she never stops looking for him until, with the help of their community, they are finally reunited.  I will walk students through the process of turning the real-life story of a foster dog named Blue into the picture book Blue, Lost and Found.  Students will be able to use details from the text to identify the key theme of the story and describe the process of developing an idea into a compelling and cohesive narrative.

Common Core Standards: English Language Arts – Reading Literature and Writing


Careers in Writing

1 hour, grades 4 – 8

Even if students do not aspire to be professional writers, they all need to be good writers in order to reach their highest potential in whichever career they choose.  I will chronicle my personal journey as a writer, describe the process of self-publishing, and share my 5 Habits of Good Writers.  Students will be able to articulate the importance of being a strong writer, describe several employment options for professional writers, and implement concrete strategies from improving their own writing.

Common Core Standards: Career Ready Practices –  Career Exploration; English Language Arts – Writing, Speaking & Listening, and Language


All my programs are designed to be interactive and children are strongly encouraged to participate, ask questions, and fully engage in the presentation



“Thank you so much for coming in and presenting such valuable information to our kiddies.  Your passion is quite evident.  We learned a lot!”  ~Mrs. W.

“Thank you so much for coming in to talk to the first graders.  I still hear them making reference to topics you discussed.  I appreciate your time and effort!”  ~Mrs. R.