Blue, Lost and Found is based on a true story, but it is not a work of non-fiction.  Several elements of the story were changed to make it more compelling, relatable, and age-appropriate.

The woman in the blue glasses sort of looks like me, but she is really a composite of the many people who worked hard to bring Blue home including his original rescuer and foster, the driver(s) who brought him to New Jersey, his original northern foster, and his forever family.  Most notable among those people are Tammy and Jeff Smith, the founders of NorthStar Pet Rescue (NSPR), and Nicole Asher of Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery.  Tammy and Jeff have dedicated their lives to rescuing dogs from high-kill shelters in the South – mostly Texas – and bringing them to the northeast so they can find their forever homes. Nicole is a professional dog trapper who ultimately caught Blue and secured his safety.

Blue was never my dog.  I fostered him for literally 12 hours and then spent the next 10 days looking for him, but first he belonged to Tammy and Jeff and now he belongs to his wonderful and loving forever family.  I was an insignificant person in his life, at least as far as he knows, and his story is not mine to profit from.

Therefore, I am donating all the profits from the sale of Blue, Lost and Found to NorthStar Pet Rescue to support their mission and help them place more dogs like Blue in their forever homes.  Morgan Spicer, Illustrator, has also generously agreed to donate her royalties to NSPR.  Please visit NSPR’s website,, to learn more about our work.